Why Work With Us?

At KWC Global, we’re dedicated to inspiring people and activating business growth through transformational learning.

And we need great people to help us achieve that goal.


We are always looking to work with experienced facilitators who know their way around professional services. But, because we have a unique way of delivering in the classroom, mavericks are welcome too…

Send us a 15 minute slice of one of your modules and, if you’re great, we’ll induct you into our Academy. Here, we guarantee to make you a better facilitator.

After that, you’ll get to do brilliant work with cracking clients, attend regular training sessions and join our annual conference. It’s quite the ride.

Other Roles

Client Services and business development are key areas we often look to recruit in. Our small but perfectly formed teams work closely together to give clients the best service possible and grow our business.


To create unique learning experiences for professionals worldwide.


To inspire people and activate business growth through transformational learning.



We believe learning occurs when people are motivated and at the edge of their comfort zones. We flex to the needs of every client; our facilitators and coaches adapt in real time; and use discussion, debate, and practise as catalysts for success.


We curate memorable learning experiences, focussed on sustainable growth, built with intellectual property we have developed since 1999. We firmly believe effective learning makes people better tomorrow than they are today.


We are inspired by what we do and know growth is a team game that must embrace everyone. Our eclectic bunch have walked in your shoes, will invest in your culture and always bring a vibrant vibe.


Relationships are at the heart of what we do. We will be a committed partner, unleashing your people’s talent through collaboration, creativity, and consistency. We understand that communication is key, so we will turn up and speak up.


We believe tangible improvement lights the fire within and leads directly to sustainable personal and organisational growth. We measure outcomes qualitatively and quantitatively, so return on investment is visible.