Why Clients Work with KWC Global

Inspiring People & Activating Business Growth Through Transformational Learning

Since 1999, businesses have been coming to KWC Global to inspire both personal and business growth in their teams through our transformational learning programmes.

Programmes That Deliver Results

We sit at Level Four of the Kirkpatrick model, delivering results for organisations.


Data, Not Anecdotes

Rather than basing feedback on how we feel things went or anecdotal evidence, we’re fanatical about measurement.

Especially when it comes to delivering results.

From pre-training surveys to post-training questionnaires, no stone is left unturned in delivering value and continually improving.

Use It Or Lose It

Training doesn’t stop when the course is over.

After all, if we learn something and neglect to practise it, retaining – or retrieving – the information becomes harder, if not impossible.

So, highly engaging trainers use established content to get delegates up to speed rapidly.

We then embed these newly learned skills and behaviours, building momentum through monthly learning interventions and check-in workshops. And access to KWC Wonderwall - our participant portal, filled with interactive, inspirational takeaways and other resources - continues their independent, self-directed learning.

Mentors are also available throughout our longer programmes to reinforce application and deal with any gaps in knowledge or dips in confidence immediately.