It Started With a Kiss... And Confidence

1999: The Beginning

In the beginning there was The Art of Storytelling…

In 1999, inspired by a decade in academia, Kissing With Confidence founders Sharon McLellan and Russell Wardrop set out to teach the world the most important leadership skill: how to speak in public. 

Innovative, dynamic and slide-free in-room delivery soon took us from Glasgow to London, where our original and unique pitching programme was picked up by the world’s biggest professional services business. In 2006, Michael Fleming joined Kissing With Confidence. Michael was a partner in a law firm, an incredible speaker and a delegate in our very first programme. He joined us as an associate and soon became head of KWC Legal, our biggest sector.

Since then, we’ve helped clients transform their business development capabilities and win billions in boardrooms across the globe. 


The Noughties: Sales Solve Everything

The 2007 crash meant businesses needed to sell in a jargon-free way that got immediate results. With sales in our DNA since the beginning, we created Rainmaker, our flagship business development programme, to inspire both companies and individuals to love selling. Now, across the UK and around the world, our courses have inspired tens of thousands of professionals to become brilliant at business development. And learn to truly love selling.  

Rainmaker doesn’t stand still. It’s continuously improved by our team, using the knowledge and feedback they glean from the relationships formed in every programme. And, of course, every facilitator is also a Rainmaker for KWC Global. 

Today: KWC Global

Rainmaker was a game-changer in 2007 and Zoom a name-changer in 2020. 

Now we’re not limited to facilitating in the room, Kissing With Confidence can provide training anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It’s hello world with a brand new name - KWC Global. We now have three flagship programmes:

  • Rainmaker - a learning journey that embeds a sales culture, wins more pitches and transforms business development prospects.
  • Pitchmaker - a transformational programme that shows participants how to create the perfect pitch, improving their win rate. 
  • Teammaker - our programme designed to help delegates understand themselves better, develop key skills and foster a culture of collaboration and efficiency within their teams. 

These programmes are dedicated to inspiring people through transformational learning the world over. Because that’s what drives growth - both professionally and personally.

Dynamic action learning remains our house-style and it’s perfect for live online. 


Our Work

Our work begins with our purpose. We create unique, challenging and compelling learning events that are catalysts for growth. Natural born teachers and voracious learners, we make an impact in three areas: business development, compelling storytelling and creating high performing teams for professionals worldwide.

Since 1999, we’ve been curious to uncover your needs, collaborate when creating learning journeys and be inspirational in the room.