The Pioneer Journey - An Overview

The new normal? Nobody knows what that really will look like. People’s preferences will vary and be driven by both the commercial demands of your business as well as practical ones in employees’ home lives. To allow breathing space for you and your teams to find a way of working that really works, a look at those ways of working and why is imperative. We need to acknowledge the toll the last 18 months have taken, and give space to understand how people have been affected. Allowing time for these discussions helps people become “ECO Warriors” i.e. to operate with empathy, compassion and openness, and in doing so build a supportive environment for one another.

Using the American Pioneers’ story as a metaphor for the journey ahead, this introductory module sets out the purpose and process of the Pioneer Journey, giving people an opportunity to experience it in the moment, and be ready for a longer session facilitated by KWC (or indeed co-facilitated by us and your people) working on a team-by-team basis:

  • What are we taking from lockdown that’s working well?
  • What do we need to leave behind?
  • What do we need to introduce?
  • Why does this matter? Simply, it’s not about the process, it’s about the people, and great relational working and leadership


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