Seven Principles of Relationship Management

Developing professional and personal relationships and influencing effectively are essential skills. These skills will help you get closer to colleagues, stakeholders, clients and contacts, and obtain ‘buy-in’ from them to your ideas, your services, or your products. This seminar will focus on essential communication skills and behaviours, from key Emotional Intelligence (EI) traits, to assertively following up and keeping your promises. Designed for those who know relationship management is about much more than technical ability…we call it making the emotional connection.

In a nutshell, using the immortal words of McFly, “It’s all about you”.

  • Reflect on the key EI competencies essential for building great relationships, and which ones are development areas for you personally
  • Understand how to be appropriately memorable and impactful; exhibit gravitas and authority; and really connect with the listener
  • Consider how you want best to be perceived by your business and professional contacts, and set goals to make that perception reality
  • Adapt your messages to different business situations and people, whilst creating rapport and make an emotional connection with the listener
  • Understand the importance of following up to nurture new and existing relationships; and some of the key ‘blockers’ i.e. the key stages where often people find following up and getting a positive outcome to be challenging



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