Live Virtual Learning Days

What are they?

It’s like Countdown – one from the top and two from the bottom!  Our 73 amazing Nifty 90s can be combined in any way you want, to best meet your development needs.

Choose three workshops over a day and participants can attend one, two, or three workshops.  Each workshop can have between 12 and 20 participants, so up to 60 different individuals could attend.

How do they work?

These sessions will be delivered live, using Zoom video virtual classroom software. Delegates can join on a variety of devices without having to download any software.  Ideally people should use laptops or PCs for their larger screen size which is useful when we share documents and worksheets etc.  However, if people are only able to join by tablet or smartphone, we can accommodate that also.

What’s the format?

Delivery will include:

Delegate interaction with facilitator and all other delegates

Use of breakout rooms for small group discussion and mini role plays

Sharing of documents, worksheets, models etc

Chat function to allow delegates to interact privately with each other and with facilitator

Real time capture of delegate comments and points for action

Learning materials will be made available electronically


What have other clients done?

Here are some ways our Clients have structured their days. Yours can be as unique as your business. 

example 1

Example 2


Example 4


If you'd like to explore how this would work for your team, contact our BD Manager Matt Wardrop or call us on 0333 577 0040.