First Contact: The Initial Meeting

If you want to be a successful Rainmaker you need to be good at this, no matter the mood or style of the person you are meeting. It is a “getting to know you” half hour, or an hour if it goes swimmingly. This is the first time you have met so at this stage you are unlikely to close a sale, though you might if you get on like a house on fire: We all get lucky once in a while. Getting in synch with your prospect by gaining rapport, balancing talking and listening, knowing when to push on from small talk to business and being authentically charming are all in play here.

  • Small talk; scene setting, breaking the ice, disclosure, listening and empathy
  • Listen & learn; questioning, exploring, understanding and not selling
  • Show & tell; making suggestions, influencing the outcome, delivering a compelling elevator pitch, leaving enough silence to get a yes
  • Advance; asking for what you want, knowing what good looks like, getting to the next stage, agreeing action


delivery methods

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