BD in a Hybrid World

In this fast-paced, interactive workshop we’ll share the 40 most common issues people have around doing BD in the current world. And we’ll share loads of really practical tips, tools and techniques to help make your business development in the new virtual business world as effective as possible.

  • Sorting out your mindset, attitude & approach to BD: learning to love “selling”; embracing rejection; being persistent (not pushy); being optimistic; being in it for the long term
  • Making time for BD. Prioritising it. Keeping it top of the agenda. Practical tips to do just this.
  • How to approach and engage with potential new clients in the world of Zoom BD meetings and virtual networking events
  • Getting organised - revisiting your contacts list. What about your “B-list”? And all the other old contacts and clients who you’ve let slip?
  • How to reach out and get in touch; keeping in touch – 70 different ways & reasons to do this
  • Being genuinely interested - business and personal. Ask, listen, empathise. Remember the power of (appropriate) self-disclosure and personal connection


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