The Brilliance of Resilience

Today’s working environment is fast-moving, ever-changing and challenging.  We are under pressure as never before to produce high volumes of quality work, deal with the uncertainty of constant change, and all the while develop good relationships with others...irrespective of how willing they are to engage with our agenda. 

Resilience is a key factor to surviving and thriving in these conditions – but how do you get it, or develop it further? 

In this fast-paced seminar, Russell Wardrop, CEO of Kissing With Confidence, will look at some of the key skills and behaviours that can make a huge difference, how to work with your perceptions and beliefs, manage your emotions, and develop your happiness and optimism.

You will look at the importance of preparation i.e. working out what could go wrong and having strategies to deal with it; and how to be empowered, effective and efficient through making proactive choices.

  • EQ v IQ: the emotional intelligence competencies that affect your resilience
  • Taking control: managing your emotions
  • Empowerment: making pro-active choices
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation

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