Seven Principles of Relationship Management

How many keynotes can take you on an unforgettable three-hour journey? This one can.

No matter what sector you are in, no matter what you do, building business relationships is vital. You can call it Networking, Business Development or Rainmaking: jeez, some even call it Selling!

One way or another, this keynote gives you the principles of doing it very well. You can have an hour or so, but the subject lends itself to a brilliant and highly interactive two or three hours with as big an audience as you like. There are interactive and hilariously entertaining exercises on body language, listening and self-confidence.

We guarantee that if you start this session just after lunch, it will be five o’clock before you know it.

  • Guard Your Reputation: Online and offline
  • Self Awareness is your Touchstone: Key EI traits of start performing relationship builders
  • Be Appropriately Memorable: If you are not, you might as well stay in and watch TV
  • Be A Chameleon: It’s an ever more complicated world out there
  • Master Modern Manners: Your mobile device is the best way to destroy relationships
  • Accentuate The Positive: We tend to avoid the unhappy and the unlucky
  • Follow Up: Keep your promises… make that call!

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