Rainmaker: How to Make the Rain

Rainmakers grow businesses. From the cocktail bar to the boardroom they use their skills and abilities to instil confidence, persuade and motivate. They get their prospects to say Yes.

The Rainmaker has high emotional intelligence competencies to go with their technical ability, is confident when working a room, conscientious when building relationships and compelling when selling at the pitch.

In addition, the Rainmaker keeps control of the business development process and always knows what to do next.

This inspirational seminar allows you to complete our self-assessment Rainmaker questionnaire, which we will use to design an event aimed at giving you some of the skills and behaviours of the Rainmaker.

Key areas for this seminar:

  • Why attitude and approach to business development matters
  • From Networking to Relationship Building: how to take action
  • Key emotional intelligence skills of star performing Rainmakers
  • 30:3:30… from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, how to flex your pitch
  • The four business development meetings: how to advance them

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