Pitch Perfect: The Art of Storytelling

It’s a big claim to say that you will never have heard a keynote like this before… but hold us to that claim. When you are out front, one to many, it’s always a pitch. The stakes are huge and expectations are high. Public speaking has been a vital skill throughout history and today it’s even more important. Your audience has Twitter, 695 television channels and SKY+. They are expectant and impatient.

This keynote is a journey through some of the best pitches ever delivered, from Elizabeth the First at Tilbury to Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial. Churchill, Mandela and Obama will also get a mention.

Who are the best orators of the modern age? What makes them so compelling? How do they keep you in the moment?

You will laugh until you are sore at the funny bits and cry at the sad bits. You find out what takes to be passionate, charismatic and unforgettable. You will discover how to make the emotional connection every time.

Essentially, this keynote tells you how the best nail the most important pitches on the biggest stages.

  • Who is listening? Pitching in the fast paced-time poor 21st century
  • The Science of Preparation: The Kissing With Confidence Method
  • The Art of Delivery: Where to get energy, spontaneity and creativity
  • A Flipchart and a Pen: Why Martin Luther King never had slides
  • Making The Emotional Connection: How to be appropriately memorable
  • Six Memorable Ways to Open: Three Terrific Ways to Close

League Managers Association

The Art of Storytelling is as old as time. If you have 45 minutes, sit down, grab a coffee and listen to CEO Russell Wardrop deliver a keynote to the League Managers Association. This was originally planned for on-stage delivery but works well in the Zoom room. 

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