At KWC Global, we understand your requirements are unique. Whether you're looking to win new business, secure more revenue from existing clients or develop talent, we’ll help you grow.

Improve Business Development Performance

For those looking to build stronger relationships and develop business opportunities, our Rainmaker programme is ideal. We focus on transforming your strategic networking skills, initiating and maintaining crucial relationships, and gaining more clients. And - of course - making more sales.

Win More Pitches

If your goal is to win more pitches, our Pitchmaker programme is the perfect solution. We equip your team with the skills to create compelling narratives and deliver persuasive presentations that win business. 

Create High Performing Teams

Whether you’re aiming to motivate your team, build strong professional relationships or discover key emotional intelligence competencies, our Teammaker Programme will be tailored to your precise needs. Create a culture of success that attracts and retains your top talent, because installing a foosball table doesn't keep great people from leaving.

Be Articulate & Compelling

If you want to captivate your audience with compelling stories, our Art of Storytelling programme is the perfect fit. We teach you how to create and deliver impactful stories that resonate with your audience. Whether it's pitching a new idea, leading a team, or connecting with clients, effective storytelling is the game-changer.

Get Bite-Sized, Flexible Learning

Looking for quick, intensive learning around key business and personal development topics? Precision Learning is for you. Working to your goals, we’ll build a programme through a series of 90-minute workshops, half day, or full day offerings that will provide accessible learning where and when you need it. 

Set Up Purposeful Strategic Facilitation

From your strategy sessions you need measurable and actionable outcomes that set you in the right direction. Not a talking shop. We’ll not only deliver the goods with your senior team, we’ll help you design the whole show.

Gain Expert Big Audience Delivery

If you want a speaker who inspires while delivering subject matter expertise, call us. We’ll take your conference theme and your afternoon and create something amazing. Give us the flat-spot after a carb-laden lunch and we'll give you delegates who are inspired, educated and entertained.

Have Impactful Residential & Multi-Site Programmes

We’ll help you conceive, plan and deliver effective programmes for week-long residentials or multi-site delivery. Between the first night dinner and white water rafting Friday, we’ll help you achieve real learning outcomes that survivors will be talking about for years. 

Enhance Your In-house Programme Delivery

If you want a partner to provide innovation, share expertise and deliver outstanding content that fits perfectly alongside your existing programmes, call us. We have long experience designing tailored solutions that have delegates knocking down the classroom door (to get in…).