The Art of Storytelling

1. Win Hearts & Minds

Humans make emotional decisions and back them up with facts. Data and detail are important, but getting the right information to stay long in the memory is about more than slides (in fact, it’s never about the slides).

In today's fast-paced, hybrid world you have more opportunity but less time to make the emotional connection. Effective storytelling - whether you have 30 seconds, three minutes or 30 minutes - is one of the most important leadership skills.

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3. Why The Art of Storytelling

Our Art Of Storytelling programme was born from delivering hundreds of our original ‘Kissing With Confidence’ presentation skills programme to tens of thousands of delegates over more than two decades.

The feedback of senior leadership teams across the world has underpinned its evolution, along with the experience of our co-founder Russell’s years of debating at the highest level with JCI (Junior Chamber International) - where he won the Scottish title six times and judged the World Debating Final in Las Vegas. Storytelling is quite literally in our DNA.

We won’t show you a Disney film and ask you to create a fairy story; we’ll give you immediately accessible tools that allow you to conceive, create and construct ways to light up even the most turgid material.

You’ll be more credible and visible and live long in the memory with the Art of Storytelling journey, where you will:

  • Learn to deliver with energy, spontaneity, and creativity
  • Know the five ways to make an emotional connection
  • Structure effectively using the KWC Method
  • Discover how to weave a silver thread through every narrative
  • Uncover the right ideas and concepts through divergent thinking
  • Create and construct analogies that are relevant and memorable
  • Have six different ways to open and three ways to close
  • Develop the confidence to deliver a surprising analogy
  • Know the power of humour and when to use it…and when not
  • Receive expert feedback and mentoring


4. The Public Speaking Pyramid and Your Outcomes

The Art of Storytelling is designed so those who already speak in public can hone their skills and actually enjoy public speaking. The Art of Storytelling will take you from nervousness to anticipation, allowing you to walk into every story or presentation knowing you’re going to knock your audience dead.


5. What You'll Learn

This programme will transform how you speak and how you think. Creating a story that fits your purpose and works for your audience starts with thinking: creative thinking. Then you must marshal your thoughts and structure them effectively; there will be times when you need to defend your position.

All of this comes before delivery, but that iterative preparation process is the essential precursor to a brilliant performance.

You’ll learn:

  1. In a creative, interactive, small group workshop - how to conceive, create, construct and deliver narratives that are uniquely you… and always memorable
  2. Through expert one-to-one mentoring immediately after the group workshop - how to take your storytelling abilities to new heights
  3. After one month, in a small group check-in workshop - you’ll show off storytelling skills with expert peer review feedback

6. How is The Art of Storytelling Delivered?

You can have it in the classroom, live online or hybrid.

In all our options, KWCWONDERWALL, our participant portal, filled with interactive, inspirational takeaways and other resources, allows delegates to continue their independent, self-directed learning and ensures delivery is interactive, challenging, and outcome-focussed.

7. Who is This Programme For?

This programme is for every senior manager and executive, because you spend up to 75% of your professional lives speaking in public. You want to be more than effective when the floor is yours: you want to be fantastic.

You’ll already be an effective communicator and good public speaker, but know that average is not good enough (who wants 4/6 in the conference feedback?).

This is for everyone who knows that persuading an audience by making the emotional connection whilst speaking with clarity, focus and power is one of leadership’s essential skills.