Strategic Facilitation for Leadership and Business Tangible

Do you need to arrange a strategy session? One where your team comes away with measurable and actionable outcomes to drive your business forward?

Busy diaries means organising these sessions is difficult, so it’s vital you engage facilitators that achieve tangible outcomes. Not just provide a talking shop over pastries and a nice lunch.

Get Outcomes

Every strategic facilitation workshop has a hefty price tag. And you need to secure a return on your significant investment.

That’s where we come in. We’ll build you a bespoke event that gets everyone working together with clear goals, motivates them and achieves your outcomes.

The work and planning we put in before each event is uniquely tailored to ensure your session achieves what you need it to - while our facilitators have the experience to enable broad discussions without detracting from the session’s main objectives.

Bespoke Strategic Facilitation

Every facilitation is tailored precisely to your needs, from goal setting to matching with the perfect facilitators. To give you a taste of how this can be achieved, here’s an example.

One global construction client wanted to create a charter for five years of success on a £500 million urban regeneration project. Forty senior professionals, all major players, were in the room on the day. This is what it looked like:

  • Pre-work and planning according to their needs and goals.
    • Our team helped the client create a short questionnaire to set them up for the day and elicit key information that would inform discussions throughout the day.
  • A “scene setter” based on questionnaire responses.
    • This helped our client look back at what they’d achieved - and where they wanted and needed to go.
  • Creative thinking; idea generation
    • Vibrant discussion, with lots of movement and delegates speaking to different actors to get their thoughts on flipcharts
  • Key issues for discussion
    • The group decides on key themes, which are confirmed over lunch. These are discussed, interrogated and debated in a lively afternoon session.
  • Conclusion
    • Final discussions, mutual agreement, and the charter is finalised. A smaller group is convened to ensure continued momentum.

Who Benefits From Strategic Facilitation?

Strategic facilitation can benefit any business that needs to gather its leadership together for a purposeful, outcome-focused session. This type of session has benefitted:

  • Global law firm partner conferences
  • Corporates looking for blue sky sessions, multi-year plans and pitching strategies
  • Professional services companies requiring strategy sessions or team strategic planning

What Our Clients Say

I have been using KWC for the past 4 years to help develop and expand the Worley Aberdeen business.

Our leadership team and key management positions have been through the Rainmaking course with great success and results; to the fact that all the team now refer to the KWC way of doing presentations. This is an amazing course and everyone should do it, as we are all Rainmakers.

Russell has personally coached the organisation for key client pitches/presentations. This has produced amazing results with great feedback from the clients we have been pitching to.

Daniel McAteer, Vice President of Energy – Aberdeen, Worley

See how Limitless Digital organised a strategic facilitation with their board that aimed to set out where the business was, discover key issues and deal with them systematically, coming up with a plan of action.