1. Win More Business With Rainmaker

Transformational learning programmes like Rainmaker help drive your business growth. They encourage adaptability, critical thinking and collaboration, helping your people to tackle roadblocks and innovate in challenging markets.

All helping you gain more business and giving you the edge over your competitors.

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3. Why Rainmaker: Our Approach to Business Development For Professionals

We have been Rainmakers since 1999. Rainmaker combines over 20 years of skills development training into a journey that will embed a sales culture, win more pitches, and transform your business development prospects.

Your aim is business growth. Join tens of thousands of professionals across hundreds of businesses who achieved just that, attaining these outcomes:

  • Embed a sales culture across your business
  • Inspire your people to love selling
  • Create cross-selling opportunities
  • Improve conversion rates in client meetings
  • Generate more qualified leads and referrals
  • Get more business from existing clients
  • Create compelling, winning pitches
  • See measurable, sustained improvement in key skills
  • Achieve an ROI far exceeding your investment
  • Retain your key talent through inspirational training

4. Training That Delivers Measurable Results

We sit at Level Four of the Kirkpatrick model: delivering results for client organisations.

  • Investment - all companies report increased sales activity within one month. After three months the Sales Return on Investment (SROI) averages 43x the investment. 
  • Culture - businesses report a significant increase in staff engagement, providing a new sense of purpose. 
  • Talent development - 95% of delegates report an improvement in their personal business development performance after one month, 97% after three months. 
  • Facilitators - participants rate trainers and facilitators 6/6 on average, in areas including interactions, learning levels and applicability. 

5. What You’ll Learn

On your Rainmaker journey, after your pre-programme assessment, we have three masterclasses, which form the foundation of all three Rainmaker programmes (Fast-Track, Accelerator and Premium):

Masterclass 1: Turn contacts into clients

This transforms your attitude to sales, interrogates your approach and shows how to take action, foundational to every Rainmaker’s success.

Masterclass 2: Create your value proposition

This focuses on being able to deliver the benefits of your value proposition on demand in six different ways, in 30 seconds or three minutes.

Masterclass 3: Advance the client meeting

This starts with rapport building and ends with your prospect keen to advance the relationship, with how to ask perfectly pitched questions in between.

6. How is Rainmaker delivered?

In all options, our participant portal filled with inspirational resources to enable self-directed learning, ensures that delivery is interactive, challenging and outcome-focussed.

Fast Track (1 month/4 weeks)

Best for those who are time poor and already know their way around the business development process. Four intensive weeks, this is perfect for self-motivated, experienced professionals who are keen to quickly get in front of prospects and make sales.

Accelerator (3 months/12 weeks)

Best for embedding learning, inspiring behaviour change to Kirkpatrick Level Four - and our most popular offering. Twelve weeks is transformative; the learning sticks.

Three months of mentoring and business growth workshops means delegates’ sticking points are addressed over time in real-time, both one-to-one and in small groups. This programme is a catalyst for business and personal growth.

Premium (6 months/24 weeks)

Best for widening learning to other key skills areas as it offers elements of Teammaker and Pitchmaker, incorporating masterclasses in areas including negotiation, storytelling, pitching, leadership and change to turbo-charge growth.

Over six months you have unlimited access to our Bid Doctor service. Call us before that chemistry meeting, to discuss a pitch or plan a crucial client workshop.

7. Who is This Programme For?

Rainmaker is designed for professionals who are directly involved in client relationship management and business development, or those in operations who want to incorporate business development into their role. Rainmaker will provide you with the skills, behaviours and strategies you need to succeed.

What Our Clients Say

Worley’s Aberdeen business is focused on being an EPC centre of excellence and we are determined to ensure the company maintains and grows its leading position in the North Sea. We want to be ahead of the curve, and we are structuring the business so that as the market grows, we can capture key opportunities.

Worley has the heritage, the capability, the track record, and the structure to deliver new projects. Thank you to Russell and the team for their guidance and we fully recommend the Rainmaker course.

Daniel McAteer, Vice President of Energy, Aberdeen. Worley