Precision Learning

90 Minute Virtual Workshops

Learning and development isn’t always easy to marshal. Remote working, busy schedules, different departmental needs, and people who just can’t sit still - it all combines to create a logistical nightmare.

So, flexible, inspirational workshops that can be delivered anytime, anywhere can play a vital part in your learning and development strategy.

Useful Snippets

Need help managing change? Improving confidence, congruence, and charisma? Pitching your value proposition?

Precision Learning modules like these can help. We find they go together like kissing and confidence…

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Why Precision Learning

Your people can learn anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Really. (Well not in the bath, the screen will steam up!)

Precision Learning is a flexible, cost effective and time efficient way of getting your people the content and learning you need them to have, at a time that suits everyone.

These 90 minute sessions on a variety of subjects including leadership and management, pitching and presentation and selling provide a brain workout that can be done alongside a working lunch or after a morning of meetings.

Content Types

Choose the topics that fit your learning and development goals, create a tailored programme, or talk to us about designing a unique curriculum across departments:

  • Networking & Relationships

    Networking and relationship building will never go out of fashion, no matter what the internet says. You’re meeting real humans out there, so a group of these will help you fly.
  • Pitching & Presenting

    Public speaking is top of many “biggest fear” nightmare lists. But it’s also top of another list: essential skills everyone needs. If you’re putting a bunch of our workshops together, ask about our half or full day programmes.
  • Leadership and Management

    Featuring valuable lessons in behavioural areas like assertiveness, change, coaching, and feedback. You can learn these while directing the kids’ cupcake making, writing your partner’s to-do list, and telling the dog to get off the sofa.
  • Selling

    As we all know, sales solve everything. Delivering business development skills in easily digestible portions gets your people into the sales zone, sometimes in slippers.
  • Hybrid Working

    Ahhhhh the happy hybrid. Or not, but how would you know without some training? Camera on, mute on, and arrive with your best self. Like all the best online meetings.

How is This Delivered

Precision Learning 90s are designed to be delivered online as:

  • Big, one-off events like a lunch and learn to as many participants as you like
  • A series of Precision Learning 90s - normally three in a day - delivered multiple times over different time zones
  • Adding one or two programmes into your established house schedule
  • Complementary sessions delivered together as half day or full days, online or in the room. For example on presenting or networking skills.

While many of our Precision Learning 90s are delivered brilliantly and efficiently online, they can also be delivered in the room - especially useful if you’re holding single or multiple day events.

Who is Precision Learning For?

Everyone and anyone; anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

If you have some budget and a learning need, we’ll figure out how to meet it. If you have some people with their own budget, itching for some cracking learning, we can deliver it. If you don’t have a budget but need some cost-effective ideas to secure one, we can help.

We guarantee you a programme that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations every time.

What Our Clients Say

I really liked this training because you really got what it said on the tin, the skills and individual concerns were really met and addressed effectively in the allotted time.

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