1. Gain a Competitive Edge With Pitchmaker

Great pitches win business and mean your team succeeding on the day, in the room. But not everyone knows how to successfully prepare pitches, make the emotional connection or balance gravitas with levity when the stakes are high.

Learning how to master these techniques will help you strengthen relationships, gain an edge over the competition and close more deals.

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3. Why Pitchmaker

The formal pitch is the culmination of months or even years of effort; huge resources go into getting the team in the room. Pitchmaker combines over 20 years' of communications experience into a journey that shows you how to create the perfect pitch, improving your win rate.

You’ll be more confident in displaying expertise, use the power of storytelling to connect emotionally and reduce your reliance on technology. This programme teaches participants to embrace their fears, overcome challenges and gain more business. Here are ten key capabilities:

  • Be a more confident and tighter team when the stakes are high
  • Tailor pitches to your prospect’s pain points
  • Structure more effectively and efficiently
  • Make an immediate impact at the pitch opening
  • Have your prospects talking about your proposition
  • Improve your win rate
  • Banish analysis paralysis from preparation
  • Reduce your reliance on technology
  • Embed a creative method of preparation for all pitches
  • Motivate every team member to be better than they ever thought possible

4. The Kirkpatrick Model And Your Outcomes

We sit at Level Four of the Kirkpatrick model: delivering results for client organisations.

  • Return on investment - the Sales Return on Investment (SROI) averages 43x 
  • Improvements - participants estimated their pitching skills improved by 41% on average after attending pitchmaker 
  • More knowledge - 100% said the knowledge and skills they learned improved how they performed their roles 
  • Applicable skills - 70% of participants were immediately able to apply the skills learned to their job 

5. What You'll Learn

  • Creating a thread

    Generate clarity, focus, and purpose through structured preparation; creating an emotional connection; learning the art of delivery; and creating a crisp, purposeful proposition.
  • Opening, closing, and finessing

    Learn the 6 ways to open pitches, the 3 ways to close them, effectively integrate technology, how to demonstrate teamwork and create a silver thread from beginning to end.
  • Pitch team delivery and feedback

    Discover how to control the room, manage your time, build a rapport with your audience, answer the toughest questions and receive incisive individual feedback,

6. How is Pitchmaker Delivered

You can have it in the classroom or live online. In both, KWC Wonderwall, our participant portal, has inspirational takeaways and other resources. This allows everyone to continue learning independently out of the classroom and ensures delivery is interactive, challenging and outcome-focussed.

Pitchmaker offers different options, depending on your needs, that build confidence and capacity before you get in front of your prospect. All designed to smooth the way for effective, efficient workshops and memorable rehearsals…and bids that are more likely to win.

The Pitchmaker Bootcamp

Create best in class pitchmakers for any bid with The Pitchmaker Bootcamp. Designed to be attended before the heat is on, Pitchmaker Bootcamp creates a pitch-ready team for immediate deployment when they’re next needed.

This programme is usually delivered in a two-day group session, followed by one-to-one mentoring and check-in workshops the following month.

Elements include discovering what the client wants, defining your USP and how to make the emotional connection, no matter how technical your material.

Pitch Advice & Mentoring

Big pitch coming up that needs the team prepped and good to go? Ping us…

We provide support and mentoring to ensure you sizzle in the room: we help you win. Working closely with your key people (face-to-face, by phone, video call or email) we advise, review pitch documents and collateral, in order to create the magic you need at 3pm on a Friday when everything is on the line. 

Oh yes… and of course, rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing……

Strategic Bid Facilitation

Designed to help you find your unique winning line, Strategic Bid Facilitation helps your people work together to facilitate key pitches and bring together disparate, cross-divisional teams.

Particularly useful at the beginning of a pitch-process when creativity is needed, or when the going gets tough, we conduct your orchestra towards blue sky thinking then nudge you forward, so you come out the other side with a winning pitch strategy.

The Bid Doctor

Pitchmaker doesn’t end when your programme(s) end. With the Bid Doctor service, you can secure our experts on a retainer and we’ll be there to advise you on any part of the bid process.

It might be the morning you’re going into the boardroom, prepping a key workshop with the team or searching for an approach to a client meeting. You just set up the call and we’re there.

7. Who is this programme For?

Pitchmaker is designed for ambitious professionals focussed on winning business through the client pitching process.

  • CEOs with a senior team to get up to speed
  • A partner with willing but inexperienced colleagues in need of skills
  • Business Development Directors who must improve their run rate
  • Marketing Managers short of expert, in-the-room, advice

From pitch prep to eventual delivery, everyone involved will benefit from Pitchmaker, with in depth learning and a continuous feedback loop that ensures immediate improvement. Pitchmaker will provide you with the tools to deliver great pitches that grow your business.

What Clients Say

I tell the most senior people in my team to listen to what KWC Global has to say. There is no question we wouldn’t be where we are in the sector without the work they have done on our pitches.

Terry Spraggett, Director, Mace