Enhance Your In-House Programme Delivery

Aspiring to deliver great in-house programmes? Have a programme but think it could be more engaging or informative?

It’s vital that your development initiatives support your team objectives, deliver on your L&D strategy, and motivate differing skills levels within your business.

Real Outcomes. Not Outgoings

Keeping everyone absorbed and motivated isn’t getting any easier. We’re all busy (and getting busier) so training needs to hold the attention and be valuable enough to make missing hours of work worthwhile.

That’s why experienced trainers, facilitators and coaches who know your industry are vital to help you get results… and your people keen to come back

Creating Training Pathways

Not all learners are the same. Different levels of seniority, job roles and approaches to learning means a tailored plan is required.

That’s where learning pathways come in…

Here’s an example training pathway we created for a global business.

The Pathways:

  • Business Development
  • Presenting/Pitching
  • Management and Leadership

The Delivery Options:

  • Precision Learning (short, focussed sessions)
  • One day events
  • Intensive development events of 2-3 days duration
  • Supplemented by 1:1 or small group coaching programmes

The Levels:

  • Associate
  • Manager
  • Assistant Director
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Managing Director

What Our Clients Say

The impact of the sessions, and of demystifying business development, has been clear to see. The lawyers have been bolder and more confident in their Business Development activity and it’s really helped them to start to make BD an everyday habit – which is vital for a successful career as a Partner.

Rebecca Richter, Head of Business Development & Client Engagement, DAC Beachcroft

See how DAC Beachcroft developed a series of business development programmes to fit into the work they do with emerging leaders in the business.