Impactful Residential and Multi-Site Programmes

Planning a week-long residential or multi-site programme and want to make it count?

If you need to get your team together and achieve real learning outcomes that will make a positive difference to your business, KWC Global has solutions that work.

With our objective-focused client services teams and effective planning, your people will be motivated, energised, and talking about what they achieved for years to come.


It’s great to get everyone together for a residential conference. But it's not always possible. You might have a department in Singapore, a team in the UK, and another in the States, all with different timezones and competing objectives.

That’s why our facilitators are experts on getting everyone engaged, whether online or in the room. We design sessions that ignite a fire and provide tangible takeaways, in person, remotely, or hybrid.

How Are Impactful Residentials and Multi-Site Programmes Delivered?

We can provide you with programmes that cover a week, a day, or a short, sharp afternoon. From 90 minute modules to in depth discussions, you’ll get experienced speakers who deliver.

Clients can choose from impactful topics that enhance their employees’ knowledge and help grow their business.

Topics include:

  • Relationship management
  • Advancing the client meeting
  • Perfecting the pitch
  • Being appropriately memorable
  • And many more…

What Our Clients Say

From initial engagement through to delivery including all aspects of design, administration, delivery and feedback, the outcome has been a great success.

Christopher Bell, Commercial Director, City of London Corporation

See how Deloitte worked with the KWC Global team to deliver a three day residential in Denmark that improved their relationship management, advanced their client meetings, and perfected their pitches.