As our new Head of Client Relations, Yvonne brings to the business a wealth of experience from 25 years in client facing roles in legal, professional services and third sectors. Formerly our Head of Operations & Client Services, she is well-versed in all things KWC Global and working with our clients old and new. Client relationships are the life-blood of KWC Global. They are what make us tick as people and as a business. Yvonne is passionate about ensuring that the client relationship is cherished, and that client engagement is consistent and professional, from the very first point of contact to growing and supporting the client through the entire relationship - all delivered with respect and good humour.

Yvonne is at her happiest amongst good people who share the same values and care about the same things. It’s one of the reasons why she fits in perfectly at KWC, and she relishes the challenges and opportunities KWC Global presents her with.

Outside of the office - in addition to networking and attending events – Yvonne can be found following her passions. Whether it’s taking in a live band or two or travelling to sunnier climates, she enjoys being in good company the most. Of course, in true baby boomer fashion, she also enjoys finding the best box set or book, filling the fridge and turning off the phone for the weekend… but quite honestly… who doesn’t!

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