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Selecting a keynote speaker for your event isn’t easy, but if you want a memorable event,  Russell’s energy will shift the dial.


About Russell

Russell Wardrop is co-founder and chief executive of KWC Global.

His vision and drive are central to the development of the business. For over 20 years he has delivered training at the highest levels and he is now a leading business speaker. He believes that delivering a keynote for three hours to hundreds of delegates at a conference, with a flipchart and a pen, is better than golf.

A former academic and award-winning architect, he has a passion for continuous personal improvement through behavioural change and tough love.

Russell's Style

The kinetic energy Russell generates stays long after he leaves because the journey is interactive and riveting. Everyone stays “in the room” and off their phone, not least because they are scared to leave.

Russell shifts the dial by fearlessly engaging with your excuses. He bottles the zeitgeist in the room and pops it back as an action. It's tough love, but it inspires behaviour change and makes for a better you tomorrow.

Whether it’s one hour or three, working with Russell is a unique, interactive and immersive experience. The take-aways are transformational and you’ll laugh and cry as you learn.

The chip inside Russell’s head immediately throws out the right story. He will speak for three hours with only a flipchart and a pen, enthralling the audience along the way and spontaneously engaging with questions as they arise.

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