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If you want your team to be engaged, energised and motivated to take action, Richard will make an instant impact.

About Richard

Richard has lived a life. He started his career as a veterinarian in Canada, moving to the UK to be an army veterinary officer. Then Richard completed an MBA to focus on leadership, team and personal development. Richard is passionate about working with high performing individuals and teams to enhance skills and performance. 

Richard lives by the adage: healthy body, healthy mind. He was a competitive swimmer for 23 years and now is a licensed swim coach, a weightlifting and nutrition coach, as well as a certified CrossFit trainer. Over the years he has captained, coached and motivated sports teams and individuals to realise their potential.

Richard's Style

Through his passion for well-being and high performance, Richard infuses his sessions with a contagious energy that inspires people to push beyond their limits. The inclusion of physical exercises (yes, you may do burpees) not only promotes well-being but also serves as a powerful metaphor for overcoming challenges and embracing a growth mindset.

Richard's engaging presence, combined with his natural sense of humour, creates a vibrant and enjoyable learning environment. Through captivating storytelling and relatable anecdotes, he effortlessly connects with his audience.

Richard combines his extensive knowledge and experience with practical strategies and techniques that can be immediately implemented. His emphasis on actionable steps ensures that his audience not only gains valuable insights but also acquires the tools necessary to achieve real-world success.

Richard has the ability to share his knowledge in an accessible and meaningful way providing participants with a deeper understanding of the topics at hand. His well-informed perspectives contribute to a rich and enlightening learning experience.


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