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Nicky cut her teeth in several FTSE 100 companies, in one of which she made the transition from Operations & Client Relationship Management to Learning & Development.  A qualified Executive Coach who is working towards a post-graduate diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling (and with a brace of other qualifications with a psychology-based focus), she works with individuals and teams in pursuit of personal and collective excellence. 

Nicky's Style

Nicky has an unwavering passion for driving personal and collective excellence. An avid learner, Nicky constantly bolsters her toolkit. With her infectious energy and genuine enthusiasm, she leaves no room for complacency, pushing individuals to reach new heights.

Nicky captivates audiences with her direct and impactful training style, cutting through the noise to deliver engaging sessions. By creating an interactive environment, she encourages open dialogue and active involvement, ensuring participants stay fully engaged throughout.

Nicky genuinely listens to understand the challenges and aspirations of individuals, and evaluates the needs of each training cohort. Creating a safe and supportive space where participants feel comfortable sharing, she is able to tailor her sessions to the requirements.

Nicky's sessions are sprinkled with humour, bringing lightness and enjoyment to the training experience. Through wit and clever anecdotes, Nicky ensures that key messages are effectively communicated, making the learning experience memorable.

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