As our new Head of Operations & Client Services, Debs brings KWC Global over 20 years of client-facing and operational legal and professional services experience. Originally qualifying as a Corporate lawyer, practising across the UK and Europe, Debs’ natural ability to support and develop her colleagues led her to transition into strategic Learning & Development and Early Talent Recruitment & Development roles. As part of the senior leadership team with a large global corporate & commercial law firm Debs built and led teams recruiting and developing hundreds of lawyers, trainees and business operations colleagues, designing and implementing new initiatives around equity, diversity, inclusion and apprenticeship strategy.

As Head of L&D, Debs was one of KWC Global’s very first clients, innovatively introducing her senior lawyers to an early iteration of our Rainmaker programme some 20 years ago, with a view to stealing a march of the competition!

Having been in the client’s shoes, Debs understands the strategic objectives, procurement processes and practical challenges organisations face when considering the design and implementation of development and coaching programmes. She also knows exactly what excellent client service and day to day support looks like. With that front of mind, Debs strives to deliver exactly what she would look for herself when considering the right professional skills providers to partner with.

A natural born people person, Debs’ best days at work are when she knows she has enabled a client to help their organisation and its people to thrive and succeed. And she feels the same way about the team here at KWC Global.

Described by her family, friends and colleagues as a ‘disco diva’ with infectious energy and a corporate lawyer’s work ethic, when she’s not running a KWC Global Associate facilitator bootcamp, Debs loves to jump on her Peloton or pick up her PowerHoop (ideally pre-6am!), to boost her batteries for the day ahead. Her creative side comes out through her passion for fashion and interior design. So, give her a shout if you need help choosing new wallpaper or going shopping for an outfit!

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