Effective BD & Cross-Selling in Law Firms

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What We Do

Tailored training to immediately improve your team’s performance

Many lawyers find business development and leadership a challenge. After all, you didn’t get a law degree to have a career in sales and manage a reluctant team.

But for more than two decades we’ve helped tens of thousands of lawyers to shift their mindset and become more confident. We do this by providing professional development for lawyers through practical tools and techniques they can use immediately.

Our tailored programmes help you create high performing teams, build stronger relationships, deliver memorable winning pitches, cross-sell more effectively and close more deals.

Are you prepared to grow?


Some Challenges You Might Need Help With

  • Developing fixed share partners on a push for equity
  • Coaching and mentoring for business development and leadership
  • Turning KPIs into a reality
  • Developing effective communication skills for lawyers
  • Organising inspirational conferences or away days
  • Preparing for big pitches

Here’s How We Help Solve Your Challenges

We firmly believe training should be an investment, not a cost. Our Head of Legal, Michael Fleming, was a law firm litigation equity partner before joining KWC Global and really understands the complexities of the legal sector.

Our team doesn’t work on ethereal promises, rather on real results, We expect to achieve Kirkpatrick Level Four, here’s how:

1. Experienced, passionate facilitators
We have real life experience working in law, so we really “get” the legal sector.

2. Relevant, practical advice
We’ll provide you with usable tools and techniques you can use straight away, instead of theory you’ll hear once and forget about. Whether it’s business development, leadership, or pitching, your team will leave their sessions with actionable learning.

3. Long-term partnerships
Our facilitators really care about making a difference to your business development and leadership success. They have your backs in the room and we’re available long after your sessions end.

4. Interactive, challenging sessions
Our sessions and keynotes are interactive action learning, with space for wide-ranging discussions that get your brain working and learning new skills and behaviours.

5. Return On Investment
We measure qualitatively and quantitatively. One to one coaching and mentoring, small group workshops and our interactive participant portal ensures our programmes stay front of mind.

  • Working with 6 of the top 10 global law firms
  • More than 75,000 professionals trained in 620 companies over 6 continents
  • ROI averages 80 times investment 3 months after delivery


The impact of the sessions, and of demystifying business development, has been clear to see. The lawyers have been bolder and more confident in their Business Development activity and it’s really helped them to start to make BD an everyday habit – which is vital for a successful career as a Partner.

DAC Beachcroft