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8 days of delivery time from early June to end July.
22 sessions delivered.
11 session topics.
330 delegates.
One happy client.


We were already partnering with Worley, delivering small group workshops on The Art of Storytelling, and as lockdown hit we were a natural choice to deliver a fantastic variety of our 90-minute skills sessions. Designed with Worley's constraints on time, front and centre, and with a weather eye to delivering transferable skills, we were all ready to deliver these virtually from the beginning of June (we had already made the leap to virtual delivery the minute lockdown hit, with our first paid-for sessions done on March 25).

Our brief was to deliver sessions focused on helping people adapt and manage through lockdown – and beyond.


We delivered sessions across these categories:

  • Self-awareness and Self-management: Assertiveness; Brand and Reputation; Emotional Impact of Change; Gremlin; Resilience – all designed to help people understand how they think and how that translates into behaviours, helpful or not, for themselves and others.
  • Working with Others: Accentuating the Positive; Flexing your Style; Managing Change – all designed to help people be the best colleague and leader (of people and/or projects) possible, and in doing so (re)create a culture and environment in which people flourish.
  • Feeding the (Sales) Pipeline: Follow Up, Keep Your Promises; Keeping in Touch – of course at the outset of lockdown, the aim was not so much to sell as to build and maintain genuine relationships with prospects and clients, in an environment where the personal touch had never been more important.

Delegates were from a range of roles and locations; many of them were meeting for the first time in the Zoom Room, and feedback suggested they enjoyed interacting with such a variety of people, but with a huge amount in common in terms of the challenges they were facing.

Our beautiful KWC Wonderwall, packed full of supporting resources to encourage ongoing reading and reflection, was available for each session, and was a huge hit with delegates.


A delighted client.
Energised and motivated delegates.
Ongoing and sustainable behavioural change.
More work in the diary already.