KWC Global have helped us revisit, refresh and re-energise our image of ourselves and how we do business.

Sheila Gupta, Director of Human Resources

Feedback, as always, is excellent. The Business School continues to engage Russell as part of its innovative skills delivery.

Ed Cochrane, Executive Development Manager, MBA.

With co founders who both had a decade in Higher Education, we are very much at home in the university sector. Ahhhhh the memories.

Leadership programmes, strategic networking and influencing skills, pitching and lecturing, coaching and team awaydays are all in the repertoire we have been delivering for a decade or more. The corridors and lecture rooms and canteens all still have a familiar ring to them, even after a few years away.

We always love coming back.

Public Speaking & Relationship Building

For over a decade we have worked with the University of Edinburgh, from big audience events with their MBA students to strategic facilitations on key large scale projects. We have business development programmes for academic and non academic staff that have been running for a number of years.

KWC Global co-founders have two decades in Higher Education and our 3D approach allows us to tailor what we do and exceed the requirements of the HE sector. Our range and experience across different business sectors allow us to be challenging and insightful when we are designing and developing long running programmes and one-off events for clients in different areas of the business.

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