KWC provided the perfect structure for us on the day and provided the basis for the whole team, and the smaller groups within, to keep practising what was preached in our daily routines.

Richard Murphy, Managing Director

Change eh? You could say it’s the one certainty, alongside death and taxes. We can’t provide motivation and inspiration for the entire year in one two day event, but we will top up your team’s tank.

These events need careful planning in the run up and excellent execution on the day, with a keen eye needed on the mood of the troops and essential flexibility built in to deal with anything coming out of left field.

Come on, you know that always happens at these events. The left field thing. And we know you are never more alive than when it does... because that’s when the best learning is happening!

The Brief

A two-day event to get everyone working together and communicating more effectively during a period of rapid change (strategic, operational and relational) and give them some new skills (or a skills refresher) in the process. 

It’s a membership organisation and the people within it are clever, challenging and not afraid to air their opinions – it’s great!

The Solution

The first day was a refresh of and refocus on the work we had done the previous year using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), with a particular emphasis on change and including some new members of the team who had not had not been around for the first time.

 Day two focused on delegation and feedback, listening and questioning, in order to manage workflow more effectively and engage with the organisations that make up their membership.

The Results

The outcome was firstly a motivated workforce who enjoyed the two days away from the chalk face enormously. 

In addition, it helped build trust, motivation and skills and linked not only into the previous work we had done with the Operations team but also into the Board Away Day earlier that year where the emphasis was on strategic vision. Tools gained and lessons learned were built into the way in which we worked together on an ongoing basis.

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