The Art Of Storytelling is our oldest and most successful programme. From conference keynotes to one-to-one with the CEO, over 40,000 souls from all over the world have had the benefit of the unique KWC Method.

Quote From Partner

"I’d known about the KWC Global storytelling programme from a decade ago and was sure it would work for our senior consultants, even over the Zoom. The feedback confirmed it hit the mark, but more important is the change in the way we are presenting our value proposition: fewer slides, better outcomes and more of that all-important emotional connection."

the brief

After a successful Art Of Storytelling programme late last year, delivered over Zoom, two more were required in short order, to be offered to senior managers and directors. Delegates were likely to come from all over the world, on a first come first served basis.

geography: talking all over the world

Delegates signed up from three continents: Asia, Europe and North America.

extraordinary timing is everything

It took a week from first enquiry to choose the dates and fill the programmes. Less than three weeks after first enquiry the programmes started and a fortnight after that they were finished, including mentoring sessions for all 19 delegates.

Working closely with the client, a concise and compelling invite went out and the programmes filled quickly, with a mentoring schedule that took different time zones into account following immediately thereafter.

The programmes were delivered in two long half day sessions, the Asia/Europe cohort in the morning and North America group in the afternoon. 

Delegate Feedback

  • Thought provoking and educational
  • Very engaging and knowledgeable
  • It's perfect

Some Statistics

  • 100% learned new knowledge and skills from this training
  • 100% found the course useful and relevant
  • 97% stated that the knowledge and skills learned will improve job performance

Key delegate takeaways

  • Having a framework and methodology
  • Structure
  • Concepts and techniques are applicable to different personalities
  • See real examples of storytelling techniques from the various participants
  • The practice of what we're learning
  • To spend more time on analysis and brainstorming than on construction - fewer slides

Three Key Learnings

  • These programmes would have cost 300% more and taken months to organise had there been a need to get everyone in a real room; and on the day some would have cancelled (there were no cancellations).
  • The lead time was shortened to a week or so by both the mode of delivery and the compelling proposition put to the delegates by the client; creating an urgency and having a senior client fully bought in were hugely beneficial.
  • LVL (live virtual learning) delivery loses a bit of the interaction you get in the room, both in terms of kinetic and human energy and depth of discussion; but with an effective facilitator who knows what Action Learning entails it is an efficient way to learn.