Very useful for running teams, personal and professional relationships, not just for business Development.


100% of delegates strongly agreed that they will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in their job/role


A fast-paced, practical programme that built self-awareness in the context of working with colleagues and clients, underpinning that awareness with strong interpersonal skills for long-term relationships and outcomes.



The founders of this business wanted to make sure others in their business had the confidence and agency to deal with their clients in an environment that is tough, fast-paced and ever-changing. 

They wanted to bring everyone together and create high levels of trust and “intimacy” as a backdrop to a demanding skills programme that would enable those participating to “hit the ground running” immediately post-programme. 


Everyone on the bus – in the room; on the Zoom:

From the off, the commitment from the business owners to their people’s development was outstanding. They participated in the pre-event launch and post-event presentations to ensure delegates understood how important this training was to them and the business.

They also devoted time to understanding the programme content and format, ensuring they were able to provide support and input to the delegates as they started to implement the skills learned.

They also participated in the same 360-feedback questionnaire as the delegates, ensuring they were speaking a common language; had experienced the feedback themselves, and had empathy with what could be at times tough messages relating to interpersonal development.

Pre-programme Questionnaire: to ensure we knew what people’s particular areas of concern were, what the delegates did and crucially what they wanted to achieve.

Launch event: 90-minutes in which to create rapport and trust; outline the programme content and agree ground rules for how to work together comfortably; enjoyably and productively.

Three-day delivery (consecutive days): For a group of 14, focused on:

  • Social Style and Versatility (understanding your own and others’ behaviours; their motivation and impact)
  • The Seven Principles of Relationship Management (the skills of working flexibly and enjoyably to develop mutually productive long-term relationships)
  • The Business Development Meeting (running the meeting and getting brilliant outcomes)

End of Programme Review: along came lockdown, and originally the client thought to wait until things had returned to normal until we realised that would be a while coming. So the end of programme review took place – and was brilliant – on Zoom. Its purpose was to showcase qualitatively and quantitatively what people had done; what was working well, and how that could be traced back to the programme itself.

Comprehensive Content & Resources

The programme took the delegates on a learning journey that has equipped them to build relationships not only face-to-face but also virtually. Physical handouts and workbooks, were available online too (this has now mutated into our beautiful KWC Wonderwall).


Better Relationships: Both internally and externally. Social Style and Versatility have helped people understand others’ needs and how to flex to those, whether working alongside colleagues day to day, or flexing to clients’ approaches.

More Confidence: Good business relationships are about being able to help clients understand where they might be barking up the wrong tree, becoming a trusted advisor to them in the process. That requires tact and diplomacy, as well as an ability to provide solutions.

More Independence: Working face to face with clients without the most senior people in the business in the room, taking decisions and implementing those.


I will manage dealing with different personality types better, I think i have a better grasp of how to run a BD meeting, an understand of how lengthy the process is means I will stick at BD more.

To identify the best ways to build relationships with coworkers based on their personality profiles.

More preparation and as a result confidence. To recognise others social style and versatility and amend approach taken.

AIDE feedback - when feedbacking to my team (positives and learnings), to the wider company.

Being more optimistic. Knowing myself and trying to be more versatile in my approach to situations/tasks.

Knowing others styles and adapting how i liaise with them.

They will help me be a better colleague and consultant working for my existing clients, and I think my BD will improve as a result.

Confidence in promoting business development and understanding approach and reactions involved… and make doing that, a more pleasurable experience for all concerned.