The sessions by KWC Global fill up immediately when delegates start sending back their seminar picks. And we know why: they are fast, paced, hugely entertaining and achieve the highest marks when we get the conference feedback.

Event Organiser

motivational conference presentations

A warning: when you put KWC Global: Passionate Oral Communication on your conference programme it is likely the event will fill up quickly and you will need to run it twice. We are always happy to oblige.

Getting people in the room and having them stay there for the duration of the event is a challenge we are only too happy too meet. Do let us know if you are looking for someone out front late in the day when everyone is flagging. Or, another favourite, first thing in the morning after a late night at the conference dinner and dance.

Bring it on, we say: 8.30am, 2pm or 4pm. In fact we are terrific for an hour at 7pm for some seriously hilarious networking before dinner. Go on, bring it on.

The Brief

Challenge the conference delegates with short, big audience  seminars.

Blow away any cobwebs, inspire and motivate, educate and entertain and address specific non-technical issues that confront senior managers working in procurement.

The Solution

Hour long seminars to between 50 and 80 on Relationship Building, Influence & Persuasion and Pitching & Presenting, delivered as tracks in the Procurex conference programmes in Glasgow and Cardiff, immediately before and after lunch.

The Results

Excellent delegate feedback on all sessions, with many saying these seminars are their highlight of the conference. They successfully juxtapose with the more technical content of many other sessions by providing entertainment as well as education.

The session immediately after lunch is a difficult one to get delegates up for, but this was not an issue when it’s an hour on Pitching: making The Emotional Connection.

Delegates get the chance to interact with others they do not know during the sessions and an added bonus is the additional networking opportunities.

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