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Strategic Networking and Presentation Skills are two of the most asked for masterclasses for people at the top of their professions: you can never get too good at either. Ten years after delivery we still get feedback from delegates who were in the room for these inspirational events.

There are Seven Principles Of Relationship Management and Passionate Oral Communication lets you in on the secrets of preparation and delivery. Making The Emotional Connection, of course, is front and centre in both events.

We have been delivering these masterclasses for almost two decades and will not disappoint if you invite us along.  

The Brief

Training that was fast paced, interactive, entertaining and motivational. It was emphasised that many of the delegates would be experienced presenters who knew their way around a lectern, so this was to be pitched to masterclass level.

Discussions with the client showed the challenges faced were around influence and persuasion in the political and business spheres and effective delivery in the many presentational situations they faced.

What We Did

We proposed twelve half day Masterclasses, six on oratory and six on influence and persuasion. They were delivered to 40 delegates in the beautiful setting of the Throne Room of Hillsborough Castle.

The facilitators had the added pleasure of staying overnight at the venue before each of the seminars.

A Key Challenge

Delegates were keen to interact and challenge assertions and assumptions. They were, after all, senior people used to dealing with complex problems and articulating their point of view.

This made for lively sessions and plenty of debate, which is fortunately just the way we believe learning is best achieved!

The Outcome

Many of the delegates stated they will approach their high level presentations and seminars with a new perspective. There was much chat in every session at the pervasive use of PowerPoint in both meetings and more formal speaking engagements and these sessions helped inspire change in this area.

Areas such as making the emotional connection and the creative method for structuring presentations were highlighted as key learnings from the events.

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