Our ‘Make The Rain’ programme delivered virtually for an ambitious and fast-growing Glasgow-based wealth management firm.

“It was great to see one of our team applying a direct learning in a client meeting which helped secure a £1m+ deal for our business. Fantastic.”

90% of delegates said that the programme improved their performance in business development by an average of 43% in one month.

'make the rain' virtual learning programme

An outcome-focussed, live, virtual programme that transforms skills and behaviours, inspires action and increases sales.

Murphy Wealth believe that everyone should be ‘on the bus’ when it comes to business development, so CEO Adrian Murphy put all of his client facing team members – junior and senior – through the programme.

“Inspiring course from a true professional that energised our whole team to learn more about ourselves and give more to our clients and prospects.”

“Would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to boost sales from their team.”

The Brief

Here is Adrian Murphy, CEO of Murphy Wealth, in his own words about why he invested in this programme:

Comments from the delegates before attending the programme included:

I don't enjoy selling. I have marked 2 stars because I can understand the 'buzz' you get when you do sell something to someone and you know it's what they need/will make a difference to them, however I don't really enjoy the process at all.

I don't like hard selling but I do like convincing people to invest with me

Usually, the small talk friendly chats are within my comfort zone and I may find it difficult to move on from that.

I don't tend to have business development meetings. If I do, they have usually been organised by someone else.

the outcome

Did we hit the brief? Again, here is Adrian to tell us what has been happening at Murphy Wealth since the programme:

Here are a selection of comments from the team one month after attending the programme: have been working on our value proposition using the methodology from the training.

Keep the workbooks with me daily and complete as part of my weekly CPD

When emailing existing clients, I’ve tried to be less scripted and more conversational. So I'm inserting comments that are personal to them in order to start building a relationship.

I am putting a lot more preparation into how I approach leads and prospects, also thinking about referrals on every contact

When on phone calls with providers, I've practised continuing conversations past the standard business stage. In doing this I’m trying to better my conversation skills so I can apply this during networking events when speaking to prospective clients.

Asking questions to uncover interests - I've been using my developing conversation skills to get into deeper conversations with people.

programme feedback

One of the most thought provoking sales training courses I've been on.

Lots of focus on developing existing skills and thinking of new ideas for ways we can grow the business

The level of interaction increased throughout the 3 days as our team became more confident in the process. Afternoon break out sessions to consolidate learning were very interactive and seem to have had the biggest impact.

I thought it was very helpful and insightful. For someone who finds the prospect of a sales conversation quite daunting, I find it'll now be easier to 'bite the bullet' and just get it done and not think about it too much.