The strategic facilitation was intensive and needed a strong personality to ensure we firstly got everything out on the table, discussed it in an open forum and took concrete steps towards a better place.

Peter J Lilley, CEO

Strategic Facilitation

When you need to get to a place but are not sure where it is… or who is going… or how you are going to get there… well, that’s exciting!

This is sometimes a linear process, in that there has to be a plan around where to start and a destination of sorts. But for much of the time it needs intuition and creativity and assertiveness and a certain detachment.

These are amongst the most exciting and rewarding gigs we do. Spoiler: they are always rewarding for you too, in the end.  

The Brief

KWC Global proposed a strategic facilitation with the Board that aimed to set out where the business was, flush out key issues, deal with these systematically and come up with a plan for action.

Before that intensive day were two days of personal development. Day one focussed on MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to help the Board get to the bottom of their similarities and differences, and how those affected the way they worked individually, collectively and with their teams.

Day two looked at what the Board thought the company’s Mission statement was, versus its Vision and where it wanted to get to. Then we looked at individuals’ values and how they would influence what they brought to the table, as a way of creating core values for the business.

Paving the way for the strategic facilitation day, these two sessions enabled full and frank exchange of views and helped pinpoint strengths when working together… as well as what might trip them up in the future!

The Outcome

Catalyst is the correct term, as a major restructuring was undertaken in the wake of the strategic facilitation. The MBTI days opening lines of communication and set the tone for the strategic facilitation that followed.

It all seems self-evident once it has been debated, agreed and implemented but it is difficult to envisage how all this would have happened without the work done by KWC Global. It certainly would not have happened as speedily or as painlessly.

It is now possible to look forward with confidence and make plans to achieve further high growth in the business as it is now configured. 

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