The Big Audience

There were more than 20 nationalities in the room at the MGM Grand, all taken on a ride they would remember for a long time. Ensuring everyone “gets it” when the audience is international in flavour is a key aim for any event. Then there’s the requirement to set the right tone. You will be in safe hands because that’s what we do.

We have worked all over the UK, Europe and beyond. Our biggest clients put us in front of groups small and large in various European centres because they know we deliver every time with impact, insight and inspiration.

Talk to us in your language, we are sure it will be compatible with ours.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

In November 2002, in a big room at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, CEO Russell Wardrop delivered KWC Global: Passionate Oral Communication to 80 delegates from over 20 countries at the JCI World Congress.

The business was two years old and had been delivering KWC: Passionate Oral Communication to small groups in Scotland. This was our first big audience gig. What a venue, what a buzz!

With five minutes to go the audience was half a dozen… but then they came out of the main auditorium. When we closed the doors it was standing room only, with delegates sitting on the floor in the aisle.

The three hours flew by and everyone loved it. 

That was the best class I have ever attended, and I have been at plenty of classes at JCI and in business.

David Lavety, Denver Chamber of Commerce.

The Cotswolds

Fast forward to June 2015. The venue is Four Pillars in The Cotswolds, where Michael, Nicky and Russell delivered big audience gigs 57, 58 and 59 over a series of 15 conferences for Deloitte on Relationship Building, Creating Confidence and Passionate Oral Communication.

KWC Global got the “morning after the gala dinner” slot to energise and motivate our delegates, which they did over a total of 59 sessions. They have the ability to educate and entertain one hundred people for half a day. In addition they are highly organised and a pleasure to deal with. From their experience, creativity and flexibility at the early stages, through working on complex logistics, to the final delivery in the room, we were in very safe hands.

Pippa Vickers, Senior Manager, Learning and Development, Deloitte Audit Advisory

We Love The Big Gig

We have come to love the big gig over the years, know the stakes are high for you at these events and average is not an option.

Why book a small, medium or large ex Top Gear presenter when you can have an expert who will tailor their material to match your strategic objectives?

Who can deliver a series of half day Oratory & Influencing Masterclasses, fifty to a room?

I know it’s “what you do”, but by way of feedback that is the best presentation I have ever seen.

Andy Burrell, Director Of Estates, The Open University

Who can captivate you with a keynote on The Brilliance Of Resilience?

Or deliver a series of three hour Relationship Building seminars across the UK to everyone in your firm, from executive assistant to partner?   

We work with you to ensure success by making them laugh, making them cry and making the day fly by. If you are planning a conference, seminar series or awayday, call us.

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