Working with KWC Global gives me a chance to interact with my team in a completely different way. This facilitation is invaluable as it means we get more out of everyone.

Anne-Marie Canning, Director of Widening Participation

tailored team days

You’ve gone for the best buffet at a nice venue. Coffee and rolls greet everyone early on. There are croissants and pain au raisins at ten o’clock. It will still be a long day if your facilitator for the entire afternoon has all the personality of a bar of soap.

We know that you know that they know good grub does not make up for wasted time, even in a spoffy venue. You can be assured that we know how what you want dovetails with what we deliver results in happy delegates when the chewy chocolate chip cookies come out with afternoon coffee.

You did remember those, didn’t you?

The Brief

As the team has evolved – both strategically and operationally – we have worked with the Head and Joint Head to agree on and design a focused event depending on what’s happening at any given time. 

The brief always has to deliver a blend of practical, discursive and trainer-led content, alongside time for personal reflection and action planning.

The Results

There is no end point when it comes to team development; team members’ arrivals and departures means the dynamic is always changing, along with the development of skills and knowledge.

That said, the one thing that underpins each and every session is that communication is key to working successfully with strategy as well as operational issues.

This time around, the team Officers were tasked with liaising with us on the theme of the day; feedback from them was that they really liked it as it felt transparent and that there was no hidden agenda at the point of delivery!

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