Virtual delivery was excellent and even preferable.

Director, Financial Advisory

97% of delegates said that the programme improved their performance in business development by an average of 48% in one month.


An outcome-focussed, live, virtual programme for senior professionals that transforms skills and behaviours, inspires action and increases sales.

Facilitators rated at 96%

the brief

Immediately post-lockdown to deliver a flexible, comprehensive, virtual, bespoke business development programme to a large group of directors from five different business areas, within a key strategic service line.

We had been discussing the programme pre-lockdown. Immediately after there was a need for more creative client contact and a mindset shift. In addition, online delivery offered far greater flexibility to deliver to a busy, disparate group and costs were significantly reduced. We essentially were able to develop more delegates with more touch points for less money: a compelling value proposition.

When choosing a virtual platform for delivery, it became evident to us that the ease with which Zoom can be used, together with key features such as break-out rooms, make it very effective for delivering live learning.

However, no matter how user-friendly the technology, the energy and expertise of our facilitators was critical to successful delivery, as were the new online content and materials we developed.


Flexible & Fast Paced:

Delegates were working from home and fully engaged in leading high value complex projects.

The learning required full concentration in the room, but we designed the delivery of the programme to enable delegates to flexibly manage learning with both client work and jet-washing the patio or finding the cat.  How did this work? The learning experience blended:

Pre- Questionnaire: ensured our expert facilitators knew the delegates before they entered the zoom-room. Who they were, what they did and crucially what they wanted to achieve.

Masterclasses: intense half-days for up to 20, with structured breaks/time-outs

Deep-Dive Workshops: 45 minutes for up to 6; small group workshops immediately after masterclasses allow interrogation of the material to greater depth. Choice of timeslots from which to self-select. 

121 Mentoring: 30-minute sessions: confidential expert feedback and immediate action steps to improve skills and behaviours.

Check-In Workshops: 90 minutes for up to 6, to measure progress, motivate and ensure continuing skills development.

Comprehensive Content & Resources

The programme took the delegates on a learning journey from the virtual cocktail bar to the online boardroom.

High quality e-books downloaded to tablets allowed delegates easy navigation through the programme, the KWCWONDERWALL gave a spontaneous “flipchart” experience and the use of flipcharts by facilitators kept everyone “in the room”.

In the longer term, in the months after the programme, the blogs and articles will provide a rich source of further learning.

From attitude and approach to bespoke benefits and relevant features.  Through sharpening your value proposition and advancing the client meeting.  To how to take action at every stage, including the close, this was a comprehensive route through the KWC business development process.

the outcome

The Aim was to at least enhance -  and at times transform - skills and behaviours to grow and extend existing client business, connect with contacts and win new clients.

Over the duration of the programme, 97% of the 80 delegates reported that their business development performance had increased by an average of 48%.  This was demonstrated by live examples of successes, including:

programme feedback