This Make The Rain programme straddles the real and virtual classroom, in fact the Business Growth Workshop was our first delivered in the Zoom Room.

Winning several pieces of work from an introductory meeting with the client.

Senior Consultant



An outcome-focussed programme for senior professionals that transforms skills and behaviours, inspires action and increases sales.


the brief

To deliver a flexible, comprehensive business development programme to eight consultants of varying skills and experience within a key strategic service line.

The identified need is to upskill consultants, taking them into the realms of being a trusted advisor and developing their skills and behaviours in relationship building and selling. Essentially to have them make the rain.

Lockdown occurred after the three-day classroom element of the programme so the Business Growth Workshops were delivered virtually.

When choosing a virtual platform for delivery, it became evident to us that the ease with which Zoom can be used, together with key features such as break-out rooms, make it very effective for delivering live learning.

However, no matter how user-friendly the technology, the energy and expertise of our facilitators was critical to successful delivery, as were the new online content and materials we developed.

facilitator rating: 96%

the solution

Flexible & Outcome Focussed:

Note: This programme is unique and will forever be so as it was delivered in the classroom then the zoom room. In fact the first business growth workshop was our first ever virtual learning client session.

Delegates were from different areas of the business and ranged widely in experience of business development, making for a lively mix throughout the programme.

Pre-programme Questionnaire: ensured our expert facilitator knew the delegates before they entered the zoom-room. …who they were, what they did and crucially what they wanted to achieve.

Masterclasses: an intense three consecutive days in the traditional classroom in London, that fully immersed delegates in the material, with many take-aways for immediate use in their work environment.

Business Growth Workshops: 90 minutes as a group where delegates had the opportunity to say what was going well, what needed improving and their plans to effect change.
This was followed by a series of one to one mentoring sessions to measure progress, motivate and ensure continuing skills development.

skills learned will improve my bd performance: 87%

programme feedback



Understanding that the content of a message does not drive the style.
30 second pitches.
Russell is a fantastic, knowledgeable facilitator. 
Tips on positive networking and adapting style.
Techniques for preparing for a BD meeting, including thinking of good questions and ways to
make emotional connection.
Russell's enthusiasm and positivity that you can do this!
Phone convos, 6x different 30 second pitches, chemistry meeting practice
Working on flexing.
Different styles and different ways of asking questions.
Value of preparing even small talk.
It’s a process.

how will you use the learning?


I have already used in in a recent meeting with a new client.
Devote more time each week to BD! And not be afraid to sell.
More effective networking, more willing to email or pick up the phone to prospects (JFDI), better presentations in front of prospects.
Coming away from networking events with tangible actions, making the most of a chemistry meeting.
Small talk (inc business small talk) at trustee meetings. Diarise to do BD activity (invites, follow up, research).
New contact at client to contact.

some other delegate comments


Very enthusiastic, clearly experienced, compelling.
Very engaging, clear, full of good content.
Brilliant course and facilitator!
Very practical content and the key points are very transferable into my role and BD activity.
Questions discussed in the session have really challenged my mindset on how I approach selling.
Currently doing a lot of pitching so will be good to test in a live environment.
All of the material and tips are so valuable for my day to day work.
Inspiring Action.
I have already fixed 3 buddy sessions, created a contacts list, been a bit bolder in my client conversations on telephones to move out of 'chat cycle' towards commitment/buy closure.
I need to change focus from relationship-building into selling and now have a framework for doing that.

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