My KWC Global coach makes sure that I get in amongst the nitty gritty of an issue and come out with what works for me, rather than just a list of generic options that might work theoretically, but don't practically.

Coaching Client

executive coaching

There is coaching and there is mentoring: we do both. Transformational, challenging and rewarding are good adjectives to describe these interventions. You should expect nothing less from something that is never inexpensive. And by the way, we are nearer the “tough love” rather than “nice to have” end of the scale. In other words we focus on outcomes.

The difference between coaching and mentoring? Coaching is, “how do you feel about trying that?” and mentoring more “I think you should try that.” We are always up for a chat about what might fit the bill for the individuals you have in mind and as ever chemistry, physics and biology all have a part to play.

The Brief

To work with a senior chap who was going for an even more senior promotion. This wasn’t about interview practice. It was about much much more than that – to help someone reflect on their successes so far and how to build on those in a new and challenging role.

From there, we could also identify any gaps that would need to be addressed in the new role (particularly in those all-important first 100 days) and put in place an action plan for how to do so.

The Results

Reader, he got the job. And has since been promoted again. The coaching has continued, regularly but infrequently – we don’t believe in fostering the type of dependence in our coaching clients that can come of working with them every couple of weeks.

What we do in this case is work together or more or less a quarterly basis; there’s always something to review and something new to work towards.

Like the old joke “How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? One – but the light bulb has to want to change.” – coaching has to have at its core a motivated, committed individual who wants to drive forward his or her career. And with this chap, that’s exactly what’s happening.

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