Going round all of our regional offices and delivering to such big, diverse groups was a big ask, but KWC Global delivered.

Lorraine Kilborn, Head of Talent

relationship management UK Wide

Do you need tailored seminars where a flexible approach is essential, delivered in locations across the UK, with a wide range of individuals in the room? Do you need someone to take your brief, come up with some brilliantly creative ideas then exceed your expectations? Do you need the facilitator to be able to engage with up to 40 delegates at a time?

Then read on…  

Doing more with less whilst not sacrificing quality is an essential component of every learning event we do. It will be a short conversation if cost is your only criteria but creative ways of working to your time and budget constraints always light us up.

The Brief

We’ve had the pleasure of working with the Head of Talent at Eversheds on a variety of projects over the past couple of years: from Senior Associate Development Programmes to Business Development “Bootcamps” for Partners.  

In this project we took some elements of our Business Development skills programmes “on tour” to a wider audience around Eversheds’ ten UK offices and popped over to Paris. Someone had to....

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was dealing with a diverse and varied range of delegates in short, sharp seminars as the seminars were open to everyone from non-lawyer support staff to partners. In some offices two sessions were delivered on the same day to different delegate groups, with the group size ranging from a dozen to 40.

The Results

The feedback from all the sessions was excellent.
It was also a great chance to reach some people who might otherwise not get the chance to be exposed to some really useful skills and allowed large groups from all levels of the business to get together in a vibrant, useful, learning environment.

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