The why

Retaining our position at the top of the Scottish legal marketplace while playing on an international stage requires our people to be the best and it’s not a given that we hire brilliant technical lawyers.

We wanted to find a consultancy who shared our ethos when it came to ensuring that our Developing Leaders Programme really hit the mark. We never had to look far. Over many years we had worked with KWC Global over many years now and their Rainmaker programme offered our future partners the business development skills necessary to ensure we stay at the top of the legal marketplace and attain our goal, to be the best Scottish law firm in the world!

“Outcome is more important than theory. Simplification trumps complexity every day of the week. Collaboration beats just providing advice. And a relationship is much more important to us than an instruction.” That’s what we say about our approach to providing legal services.

The what

KWC Global injected a bespoke version on The Rainmaker into our Developing Leaders Programme. Throughout the year our top talent is taken on an intensive, instructive journey that gives them stacks of practical tools and techniques around the business development process – from cocktail bar to boardroom. Working with groups of eight ensures that everyone gets plenty of individual attention and every minute is focussed on the principle goal of everyone in the room: how to gain the skills that will unlock business growth.

The Outcomes

Significant time away from client facing activities for Directors and Senior Associates is always carefully considered and we have been delighted with the way KWC Global has worked with us over three years to ensure what we got fit our needs perfectly. Delegates cleared diaries because they knew there was significant added value in the programme, specifically:

  • Increased confidence and activity around all areas of business development, reducing the fear associate with “selling” our services.
  • Enhanced enjoyment and more motivation to “go out there and get busy”, much more proactivity.
  • A more systematic approach at every stage of the BD process, better use of time.
  • An acute understanding of how and when to ask the advance the relationship.
  • Specific reference to The Rainmaker programme by delegates as part of their business case for partner.

The Rainmaker is now firmly embedded in the development programme for our top talent and we fully expect that to continue, with KWC Global driving excellence and enhancing the experience at every stage. Every year we get together and look at how an outstanding programme can get even better; that’s what gets results. We are very demanding and expect a lot when our senior people are in the training room: KWC Global always deliver.

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