They have the ability to educate and entertain one hundred people for half a day. In addition they are highly organised and a pleasure to deal with.

Pippa Vickers, Senior Manager

59 conference dates to 6000 delegates

If you are unsure whether that slot after lunch at your conference is for us, or half a day straight after the breakfast rolls is something we might do with you, read on. We know you need to be sure of delivery when everyone has put so much time and effort and hard earned into an event.

Delivering a big audience presentation is a buzz for us and we love them. By taking your brief and seamlessly delivering to your strategic aims we ensure motivation, inspiration and most importantly set you off in the right direction.

But you should need more convincing than mere words on a page: ask us about the 59 three hour gigs to 6000 delegates. In fact, ask to speak to the client!    

The Brief

Deloitte’s Summer Audit Academy brings almost 3000 delegates to the Four Pillars Conference Centre in the Cotswolds. Seven conferences were run in June of 2014 and eight in 2015, with around 400 delegates per event.  Over three intensive days, delegates from all levels of the business went through a well crafted programme comprising both technical and non-technical development.

Our brief was to be educational, motivational and inspirational by providing fast paced, interactive half-day seminars on business development skills that dovetailed perfectly with the overall programme.

This was to be done very early, in fact right after breakfast.    


We worked closely with Deloitte to integrate the seminars into their theme for the conferences through brainstorming sessions and planning meetings, and crafted the detail as the events moved forward.

The programme in 2014 was:

  • Seven four-hour ‘Perfecting the Pitch: Making The Emotional Connection’ sessions to Directors and Senior Managers
  • Fourteen two-hour sessions on ‘How To Build Relationships’ to Managers
  • Fourteen two-hour sessions on ‘Assertiveness And Self Confidence’ to Assistant Managers

The programme in 2015 was:

  • Sixteen three-hour ‘Perfecting The Pitch: Making The Emotional Connection’ sessions to Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Eight three-hour ‘How To Build Relationships’ sessions to Senior Consultants       

The Outcome

Delivering so many big audience seminars in one month, to similar large groups, is a tall order. After a while it feels a little like Groundhog Day; all three facilitators now have an intimate knowledge of this particular conference venue.

The best testimonial regarding the outcome was being asked back to work on the Conferences again in 2015, with an extra conference date.

Delegates got the essential energy injection needed to kick-start the day, and the sessions were as motivational as promised. Humour is a necessary facet of such gigs and was there in the right amount. But these were large audience Action Learning sessions, not just entertainment, so a large amount of skills development was delivered in each session. The sessions had specific learning outcomes mapped against the conference objectives and theme, with delegates setting themselves specific goals, and having immediate takeaways. The sessions were packed with action learning points that could be reinforced with online learning materials. 

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