background info

Staff churn is a huge issue for business with the cost of replacing an employee often as much as a full year’s salary. One of the main objectives the client had in partnering KWC Global for their Step Up programme was to reduce their attrition rate at the consultant level of the business.

We have worked in partnership with Deloitte Ireland from trainee to partner for eight years. Core programmes such as Winning at Client Engagement & Defining Your Advisory Edge transform consultants’ abilities in the area of business development, strategic networking and sales.

Over many years we have data that shows all programmes reach Kirkpatrick Level Three: data showing participants change their behaviour and apply what they learnt in their role.

Evidence of Kirkpatrick Level Four, outcomes showing specific business benefits as a result of the learning, are difficult to assess. But The Step Up programme passed that test with flying colours. It was created with the Audit group  specifically to inspire more trainees to stay with Deloitte on completion of their traineeship.

With a 55% increase in trainee retention we are now into the third year of the ever evolving programme.

Kirkpatrick Level Four achieved, over and out! 

the data & feedback

Since launch in 2015 the impact of the Step-Up Programme has seen a 55% increase in the number of conversions to Assistant Manager across the wider Audit group.

In the October 2016 session, all 35 delegates gave the facilitator 100% in their feedback.

Here’s a selection of delegate quotes:
“The most useful soft skills workshop I've attended”
“Covered key topics & areas we will need going forward in our careers in a fun interactive way”
“It will be beneficial towards my career and career advancement”

three key objectives

Retain Talent: After the trainees had completed their traineeship ensure they stay at Deloitte rather than move elsewhere, with the business required to hire externally.

Engage Talent: Ensure they are aware there is a culture of continuous development in Deloitte, as many spend much time away from the office on client sites and can feel detached from the business.

Develop Talent: Be seen to develop talent with an outstanding programme for the group, so they feel their career development and personal ambitions are given high priority by Deloitte.


topping and tailing the step up programme

The Deloitte Step Up programme is a talent initiative targeting trainees (Seniors) coming out of their training contracts. It aims to ensure they are informed and equipped to make the next step in their career.

The programme allows them step up to the challenge of the Assistant Manager role in Deloitte and is delivered in the main office throughout the final year of their traineeship.

KWC Global delivers two high impact, motivational one day sessions to groups of 25 participants. The first opens the programme in December and the second closes it in April.

The Seven Principles of Relationship Management
Equips Seniors with key relationship management skills, enabling them to network efficiently and build relationships with increased confidence.

Deloitte Alumni Presentation & Networking Session
Past Deloitte employees tell how their careers have progressed as a result of staying in Deloitte past their traineeship.

Global Mobility Presentation
Deloitte Managers & Directors who have taken advantage of the Deloitte Global Mobility programme share their experiences.

Discover Deloitte
Heads of Departments across a number of Deloitte businesses gives Seniors an opportunity to discover what Deloitte offers beyond Audit.

Stand & Deliver: Presenting and Asserting
Seniors identified presenting and being assertive as two key areas they would like to focus on. The final session of the programme develops these skills, including video feedback.

three key take aways

Working in partnership across Learning & Development and the Lead Service Partner resulted in a fully integrated programme delivered by both KWC Global and Deloitte faculty.

Seniors who often spend a lot of time on client sites, were more fully engaged with Deloitte through the programme as they felt more loved.

Results have been specific and measurable. Feedback numbers were very high and increased retention rates have a wide range of benefits for the business.

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