The programme

We have been working with global law firm DAC Beachcroft, since 2017.  In close consultation with Sue Jenkins, Talent Partner and Rebecca Richter, Head of Client Engagement, we have developed a series of business development programmes to fit into the work they do with emerging leaders in the business.

in the room and on the zoom!

Delivered in the room and on the Zoom, these sessions effectively deliver a range of skills to aspiring Rainmakers, with the KWCWONDERWALL and other resources ensuring embedding to Kirkpatrick Level Four, but in addition inspire the delegates to immediately go out and get busy applying them in the real world.

here's what the client says

“We’ve been working with KWC Global for a number of years and since 2016 KWC have been involved in our Partner Track Programme. It is vital that we invest in our future leaders, ensuring that they are equipped with a wide range of skills to enable them to help our clients and our own business to succeed. KWC run some intensive sessions as part of the programme all around Business Development skills.

One of the things we love about KWC is that their facilitator (a former law firm Partner who “gets” our world) has credibility in front of our lawyers, but also exudes optimism and positive energy. There’s a great balance of experience and gravitas with an entertaining delivery style that keeps everyone engaged.  The lawyers are encouraged to see Business Development from other perspectives and given permission to give things a go, helping to build confidence and develop a more positive mindset, with practical advice that can be implemented straight away.”

you're my wonderwall

“When all our development programmes had to be converted from face-to-face delivery to online virtual delivery in 2020, KWC Global were great. They adapted the Programme to work on Zoom and produced – the experience was interactive and engaging. And they converted their learning materials to a digital, easy to access format (the KWC “Wonderwall”) which went down really well.”

the results

“The impact of the sessions, and of demystifying business development, has been clear to see. The lawyers have been bolder and more confident in their Business Development activity and it’s really helped them to start to make BD an everyday habit – which is vital for a successful career as a Partner.”

DAC Beachcroft has a full programme booked for 2023 and dates already in for 2024 – we can’t wait!