Our delegates are used to the highest standards of speaker and they still talk about his hour on oratory five years after Russell delivered it. We have invited Russell back regularly since that first event. That says it all, really.

Gary Jebb, Director of Estates

Three keynotes at the AUDE Conference

Forget the numbers on the feedback forms, though we expect them to be high every time, the best indicator of whether the keynote speaker nailed it is if they are asked back.

Well, performances to the whole darned conference in Belfast, Cardiff, Stirling and Exeter educated and entertained over 200 every time. Whether first up in the morning for an Oratory Mastercless, the dead spot after lunch for The Prince & The Comedian or Influencing Without Permission late in the day we made them laugh and made them cry.

The Brief

Over 200 attend and the brief for these keynote presentations is simple: make them educational, make them memorable, and make them entertaining.

The Solution

The key 'wake them up" early morning or afternoon slots are the most difficult, which is fine by us. These are the ones we usually ask for.

Five years ago, early in the morning after the conference dinner the night before, Russell delivered a memorable hour on the power of Oratory, with Obama, MLK, JFK and Elizabeth I all getting a mention. Billy Connolly and Machiavelli were the subjects for a Belfast keynote talk on influence and persuasion next time, titled The Prince And The Comedian. Stirling was the venue in 2015 when the topic was The Brilliance Of Resilience, an interactive and indeed hilarious insight into a key emotional intelligence skill.

The Results

All three events surpassed expectations of our very demanding delegates and many say they are the regular highlight of the conference.

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