KWC Global's work has always added value, encouraging people to re-look at how they communicate and present themselves and their ideas, often in a thought provoking style.

Bruce Murphy, Head of Human Resources

Vital Boardroom Presentations

This is for you if the stakes are high and outstanding oratory is essential, because connecting emotionally with the audience never happens by accident. This journey is as far from “presentation skills” as the earth is from the moon.

This aims to have you deliver one in front on many as you never have before. And we are not all talk, regularly presenting in front of hundreds for three hours with nothing more than a flipchart and a pen.

The Brief

The challenge here was to deliver a challenging programme for experienced participants from Dubai, London, South America and the United States.

Directors from Aggreko were due to deliver vital presentations to their Board and to Investors. All were experienced and competent. Some were outstanding. One of the challenges was to set the programme at the right level for all delegates.

A pre-programme questionnaire highlighted areas of strength and weakness, leading to a combination of skills training and one-to-one coaching using video feedback, delivered in Dubai and London.

The Results

This allowed both a revisiting of the principles of effective presentations in a group environment and coaching to deal with individual challenges, such as integrating visual aids, connecting emotionally, starting confidently and finishing with a bang: the key areas that we know are the biggest challenges when pitching or presenting.

The Art of Delivery

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