The Brief

A coaching programme for a senior manager who heads up a business unit. 

This person needed to work on rebuilding their internal brand and reputation; a fantastic strategic thinker, articulate and great on their feet, they were not always able to deliver plans and projects on time, the effects of which were starting to have a negative impact on others’ views (and their own satisfaction and motivation). 

We needed to unpick why this was and find some workable options to take them forward. 

The Solution

Nine hours of coaching, delivered in two sessions of three hours face to face, and three sessions of one hour, either over the phone or face to face (this client was happy to travel to our office). 

Tough love – as ever – focused on finding not simply “options” (too easy; they knew what they could do vis-à-vis time management, for example) but on the underlying issues that made them resistant to doing the more mundane, quotidian activities.  With these flushed out, we were able to proceed and find some options that would truly stick.

The Results

These have been transformative!  Not only for the individual concerned, but for their team (better short-, medium- and long-term planning and work allocation); the working relationship with their own line manager has improved (more trust, less “helicoptering”) and the brand and reputational issues are being resolved (other senior stakeholders have noticed and commented on the change in ways of working). 

The Client Says

I knew going into this that it was about me, my behaviours and habits.  I also knew I was ready to face into the changes required and have known for many years where the trouble spots lay.  I needed an impartial, trusted and professional mechanism to help me diagnose why I do what I do; and to help me find practicable ways of managing myself first and foremost.  “Please apply your own oxygen mask before helping others!” 

By addressing my own default behaviours and taking every day afresh, I now get feedback affirming my contributions to be more valued, better aligned to business priorities and, surprisingly, delivering towards my own goals. 

Tough love works and the improvement opportunities are internal… not with other people or the situations around us.  I’ve learned to take it one day at a time and now recognise each decision and every choice I make is important and has impact – Which way is up to me.

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