BY Matt Wardrop

DATE: 13 JUN 2014


The World Cup is underway and - football fan or otherwise - you just can't avoid it. It's no different here at KWC where everyone has given us their thoughts on what's in store for the next month or so.

Sharon McLellan (Adopted nation: Spain).

Tapas, Ramblas, Sagrada Familia, sangria, Juan Miro, Tossa De Mar, Pablo Picasso, Guernica, the Gypsy Kings (kinda), flamenco, anchovies, Fanta Limon, Prado, Valasquez, paella, Iniesta, Tony Gaudi, Park Guell, sea bass baked in salt, tortilla, Serrano ham with melon, cafe cortado, patatas bravas, marinated peppers, olives, stuffed olives, chilli olives, lemon olives, lemons, tomatoes, garlic, Nadal.

I'm going for Spain. That was before I realised they are the reigning World Champions and European Champions, so as well as having lots of good stuff to like they can play a bit too!


Matt Wardrop (Adopted nations: Argentina & Spain).

I’m still not quite over the heartache of seeing my team (Dundee United) lose the Scottish Cup Final last month, so this World Cup is a welcome distraction for me before the football season starts again. There’s nothing better than back to back football – 63 games in total over the next month – and what better place to have them than the home of football itself… Brazil.
As for my adopted nation, I’m torn between two. Argentina and Spain. No team outside the continent has ever won a World Cup in South America but I think Spain are capable of doing the unthinkable “four in a row”. As for Argentina? I think Messi is bound to have a big impact on a major tournament eventually – this could be his year.

I have a small bet on both… so naturally, I’ll support the team with the longer odds more.

Viva España!

Julie McHugh (Adopted nation: Greece).

OK, I am not a football fan and I could count on one hand the number of matches I’ve watched. Of those few games I have seen though I will always remember the 2004 EURO Final and Greece’s victorious win! Purely based on my experience with this game, I have chosen to support Greece in this year’s World Cup.

I’ll set the scene. Greece 2004, beautiful sunshine and I was on holiday with family. As a complete football novice I was totally oblivious to the European Championships taking place…  that was until the night of the final. We were out having dinner in a lovely family run restaurant enjoying the best of local cuisine and yet my dad seemed somewhat distracted as his attention kept turning to the TVs in the background.  It seemed that all of the staff were watching the game and finally the decision was made to bring out TVs into the restaurant. As the game came to a close and Greece won, the entire town went into complete party mode. The streets became filled with people celebrating, cars passed tooting their horns, and people were literally dancing down the street with fog horns in hand. Back in the restaurant, and not being quite legal to drink at the time (showing my age!), I found that the ouzo was in full flow around the tables from the extremely excitable waiters. The party atmosphere was amazing and lasted all through the night.

Greece you know how to party and I hope you get the chance to this year.


Nicky Denegri (Adopted nations: England, Brazil, Italy).

There are in fact three. Not because I’m indecisive – or at least I don’t think I am – but for the following and absolutely robust reasons...

First out of the tunnel, England, my adopted home. I’ve lived here for 11 years, was until our recent move to the country a self-proclaimed Londoner and of course Mr D is English, so how could it be any other way? When not watching international football, we’re season ticket holders at Crystal Palace FC (Eagles!) and I really do enjoy watching the other amazing teams in the English Premier League (and below).
Second onto the pitch, Brazil. Hosts of the tournament (in a slightly chaotic way) yes, but more importantly the nation that gave birth to my favourite off-duty footwear, Havaianas.  Quite frankly I’d wear them on-duty if I could get away with it.  So comfortable!  The 1998 World Cup tournament even saw the creation of a new Havaianas model featuring the Brazilian flag on the strap.   Do you have yours yet?

Third up (being careful not to spoil their pristine kit) is Italy.  Mr D is of Italian descent, hence those sultry Mediterranean good looks, it’s one of the most beautiful countries on earth, the language is wonderful, the food sublime and so I just thought, why not?

In fact, football fever has gripped Denegri Towers to the extent that plans are afoot to make an emergency trip to a purveyor of electrical goods this evening, and once there to buy something to watch the opening game on that is slightly more up to the job than our titchy 21” screen TV.

So.  Go England!  Go Brazil!  Go Italy!  Goooooalllll!

Michael Fleming (Adopted nation: Errr... No idea?!).

Apparently there is even more football than normal on TV over the coming weeks.  World Cup is it?  Just to be clear about this - I am the bloke from the West of Scotland who is not remotely interested in football. OK so there may be more chaps than just me who feel the same way.  But probably not more than six.  Certainly in Glasgow.

However, I am delighted that so many guys, and and of course girls, will be glued to their TV sets. Why? Because I am going to get a list of when all the big matches are on. And on those dates and at those times I am going to wheel the car or motorbike out of the garage and head off for a blast on the lovely Scottish country roads.  They will be even quieter than normal. And better still, the traffic cops will all be back at their stations watching the game!

Please understand: I try to be pretty sensible with speed; I always stick to the speed limits when passing through built-up areas; I'm not a nutter.  But I do like a nice bend.  Better still a nice series of bends. There's a stretch of the A816 near where I spend my weekends that has a gorgeous series of thirteen of them.  And I do like a bit of second gear acceleration out of a good bend as you see the road opening out in front of you.  You can't beat the feeling of 0-60 being dispatched in a couple of seconds (about four in the car, about 3 on the bike). For me that's better than any football match by about a mile!  For the rest of you... enjoy the games.

Oh yes - roll on the World Cup!

Russell Wardrop (Adopted nation: ???).

Having his own blog, naturally Russell wanted everyone to visit his page to find out his adopted nation. You may be surprised at this Tartan Army member's choice!


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