BY Russell Wardrop

DATE: 09 SEP 2011


It's a compact room to say the least. The TV is in the cupboard to the side of the bed. As in - in the cupboard and plugged in there and can't be moved.  So it’s kind of hard to see from the bed.  Oh well, I can always stand in the opposite corner of the room to watch it.

Best though is the guest notice in the room.  Usually these say something like “welcome to our hotel; we hope you have a lovely stay; and if you need anything please let us know and we’ll do our best to help”.  Not this one:

Dear Guests

Please note that all food and drink consumed on the premises is to be purchased at [X] House Hotel as under the terms and conditions of our license we have a duty of care to all guests.

Any food or drink brought into the house will be confiscated by the House for collection on check out at the end of your stay.

Thanks you for your understanding and cooperation.


Leaving aside the fact that it’s just a horribly rude and unwelcoming sign (and even ignoring the stupidity of a “House” confiscating anything, and the mis-spelling of the word licence when being used as a noun) what really winds me up is the bit about "duty of care to guests".  What a lot of tosh!  I’d have a lot more respect for the hotel’s Chairman if the sign just said “look, we make money from selling you food and drink so can you please buy our stuff rather than bringing in your own”

Anyway, I have decided to launch a protest.  So far I’ve managed to smuggle a packet of minstrels past reception and intend to scoff them tonight with a cup of tea while standing in the corner watching the TV in the cupboard. Better be careful not to rustle the packet too much in case the confiscation police hear!


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